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Uniform Reformation Act (2016)

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Uniform Reformation Act (2016)

Post by Proposition on Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:40 pm

Summary of bill: This bill aims to ensure that all members of White House is wearing uniform at all times and this bill aims to prevent 'casual' uniform.

Commencement: On the day of its proclamation.

Section I: Definitions
1. HR+ - High Ranks and Above.
2. Visualisation - Being able to see
3. Lobby - Outside of base, opposite FTF desks.
4. Motto - On player card, grey section, able to write motto.
5. Moderation - Being overlooked by other staff.

Section II: Introduction
1. Members of the White House must wear the uniform at all times, and this will be ensured by moderation.
2. When in base, members of the White House are to wear formal uniform that is deemed appropriate by HR+.
3. When in lobby, or outside of base wearing White House motto, member must continue wearing uniform unless given permission to stop.
4. Any other events such as meetings, or other formal events, must ensure that uniform is worn at all times.

Section III: Cadet's wearing Uniform
1. After Cadet's training has ended, the user must be told to wear black/grey/white uniforms.
2. Cadet's must be then told further that they can start wearing a vibrance when they have reached 9iC+, this encouraging them to work harder.
3. Cadets would follow the same standard, following blocked outfits in Section IV.

Section IV: Formal Wear for 9iC+
1. 9iC+ are able to be introduced to wearing vibrant uniform, or formal colours if they wish.
2. The following are unable to be deemed as inappropriate:
- shorts, lingerie, etc
- visible bras/breasts
- baby outfits
- headwear that prevents face visualisation (Civil Rights Act)
And anything else 4iC deems inappropriate.

Section V: Exception Times
1. Uniform is an exception on days such as "Themed Sunday" or any other events.
2. If permission is given by a 4iC+ due to religious holiday, or by any means etc.

Section VI: Punishment
1. Punishment should be a strike, or could lead to something more severe if a user takes action i.e court.
2. Demotion may take place, if refuse to wear uniform or even fire or demotion if on x3 (if deemed appropriate).

1. This act should be added to the constitution.
2. This may not be repealed without Judicial review.
3. Amendments may be made by the President or any 4iC+.

- ItzLaur, President Pro Tempore, 5iC

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