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Bill Name: Uniform Policy

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Bill Name: Uniform Policy

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:09 pm

Bill Name: Uniform Policy
Submitter: SoxLulz

General Description: Uniform for each branch isn’t really defined at all. When I was accepted into Senate uniform was very strict, but suddenly I have noticed it slipping, not just in Senate but also in Judicial and Secret Service. I am writing this to get a detailed Uniform Policy to be posted on each and every forum that the White House use.

Senate Uniform Policy
1. A Senator of a specific state must be wearing smart clothing, suitable for the position. As a legislative branch, practical clothing such as a suit is required at all times, this suit must relate to your state in some way shape or form.
Anything with an asterisk is required. *
(a) * Accessories relating to your state, such as a tie, shirt or badge.
(b) *An appropriate jacket for the suit that is not neon or florescent coloured.
(c) * Appropriate smart, formal shoes that are not neon or florescent colours.
(d) * Acceptable trousers that are not neon or florescent coloured.
(e) * Accessories must suit the workplace, for example, sun glasses and gold chains are not acceptable.
(f) *Hats must remain suitable and are not to be neon or florescent coloured.

I do believe that the uniforms are becoming outrageous and need to be fixed as soon as possible. Although I recognize we currently have a uniform policy in place, it is not clear enough to be understood and followed and I think it would be interesting to have our uniforms coincide with our state. For example, the Mississippi State Seal mainly consists of yellow, so I tend to wear a suit with a yellow tie on formal occasions.

If this goes through I think it’s important for leadership of each branch to come up with their own strict uniform policy to stick to. Although this is quite a short bill, you can see what I am trying to get to when I explain how simple the current policy is.


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