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DU Rule List

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DU Rule List

Post by EIIen on Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:11 pm

In this rule list the following can be defined as:
DU: Discipline Unit. The unit for which these rules are written
EOP: Executive Office of the President. The highest level of office in the White House.
BL: Branch Leadership. The leader and deputy leader of each branch (DoSS/DDoSS, CJ/DCJ, SoTH/PPT.
P: President. Leader of the White House and thus the user with the most power
VP: Vice President. Assists the President in leading the White House.
CoS: Chief of Staff. Runs Cabinet branch for the P and assists with running the White House.
HQ: Headquarters. The room on the website known as in which most activities take place (room owned by Baldesarrass)

1: DU members may ONLY give up to 3 warnings or one rank demotion. This may be subject to change should DU leader/EOP disagree.
2: If a demotion is necessary, DU members must seek advice from the BL for which rank should be given.
3: DU members may verbally warn EOP, though if it continues, they must seek assistance from the P, VP or CoS.
4: DU members must take a user to a meeting room only if their verbal warnings in HQ were not listened to.
5: Every meeting must be logged under Discipline Unit Logs on the forums known as and the template provided by EIIen must be used.
6: All meetings should be treated with discretion and not be mentioned in any other place, be it HQ or any other public room/chat areas. Any discussion of meetings outside of the DU meeting rooms will result in further action being taken.

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