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Capital Punishment Bill(2016)

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Capital Punishment Bill(2016)

Post by AndrewSharp on Wed May 11, 2016 8:56 pm

Capital Punishment (2016)

Summary: This bill will Show a New way of Punishment within the WH

Preamble: The bill will consist of these following rules. All These Rules Must Be followed in the base at all time.The Workers first offense against the WH will include a warning,If he/she continue to create more offenses the user will be striked. The User Will Get Only 2 Warnings. The User Must Add The Strike (x1,X2,X3) to their Mottos. After x1 only 1 warning will be issued. If User Has Reached x3 the User Will be fired with little to no chance of being rehired. Fired Workers May return to Apply For a new Job after a total of 7-30 Days. The Worker Refusing to leave Work Will be kicked by a HR with rights. If You were Fairly UnFired , You Must go to a trial including the supreme justices in a supreme court. The WH Shall put the user on KOS list if The user if She/He Continues Their Acts as a new Member, and will No longer Be permitted to Enter The Base. Any Revenue From Purchases(Vip, Ranks) used for personal use will not be tolerated under this Bill . Personal use of Revenue from purchases will be an automatically x1 with a demote, if the user does not want to give up the money, or has used it. An HR Shall take appropriate Action, otherwise the User will be tried in a courtroom for his/her crime against this Bill and the WH.

Commencement: This bill will commence on the day of its proclamation.

Legislative Body
Section I: Definitions of words or phrases used in this bill.
Strike - When an user is given a warning with a x1
Revenue - This is when money is made from something, in this case credits or thrones.
Supreme court - The Highest of all courts including 9 justices and no jury.

Section II: Usage of Capital Punishment
Low Ranks
Users here will be given 1x,2x and done and will not be rehired.
Users here will receive 1x,2x,3x and done. They may be rehired after a period of time. Users can be tired if unfairly fired.
4iC- 1iC
These Members will RECEIVE A 1X, 2X and they are fired. They may have 2 Trials to prove they were wrongly fired. These members can be rehired after a week or so and give a rank from 9iC.

Section III: Capital Punishment for branches
Judicial Branch will hold these trails from 9iC - 1iC
Any Member of any Branch caught doing anything that breaks any rule will be given x1, because they know they shouldn't be breaking rules.
The President may be Impeached if breaking rules, and may not return as a president or vice president. They will be fired in a court if court wins, and will be rehired in a week. And will be given 1 9iC.

Section IV: Provisions
This act should be added to the constitution.
This act should be added to the code of conduct.
This cannot be repealed without the consent of Judicial after an official review.
Amendments can be made by the president after review and consent by Judicial and three EOP members.
Amendments can be made by the Chief of Staff or Vice President with consent of the President and two other EOP members, as well as the review and consent of Judicial.


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