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Discipline Unit

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Discipline Unit

Post by kiern on Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:17 pm

What is the Disciplinary Unit?

This unit shall contain a total of 6 Members, 5 Members and 1 Owner (Kiern). Anyone caught failing to follow legislation in conjunction with the Code of Conduct will be taken into a meeting room built for the Disciplinary Unit (DU). This shall be led by one of these members, where an investigation shall occur (Evidence will be required) and action to be taken if necessary.

Jobs available in the unit.

Excluding the Owner; The Group shall consist of 5 Members, whom shall be interviewed and selected appropriately. The Interviews will be conducted by Kiern, ItzOfficial, and EIIen to maximize the calibre and measure the ability of the candidates whom apply. The Interviews shall be designed so that minimum criteria are met and that the applicants chosen. Whom must have a wealth of knowledge and natural ability to deal with any situations they may be faced with.
Here are some examples of Scenario’s the DU may face:

• ImAUnicornHearMeRAWR was caught using caps in base and constantly cursing towards users using racial slurs and nasty comments towards Seanlavelle. What would you do?
• ItzOfficial was caught using enables in base after hugging EIIen and refused to turn them off. What would you do?

Weekly Meeting

Weekly meetings shall be held in a purpose built Meeting Room strictly for the Disciplinary Unit to conduct Investigations. The first meeting shall revolve around an explanation of the Legislation in conjunction with the Code of Conduct, and also the Duties expected of those within the DU. Meetings will be held on Saturdays at 9PM GMT before the Presidential weekly meetings. Throughout the week, Members of the DU shall be expected to be kept up to date regarding any issues during each weekly period to see if the DU is performing efficiently. A brief note concerning the Disciplinary Unit shall be made during the weekly meeting so everyone is brought up to date.

When will the unit open?

The Unit will open if accepted by the EOP, and once accepted, an Interview Room shall be constructed. Interviews shall subsequently be held on the Saturday where it shall be announced by the Owner (Kiern) whom he decides shall become part of the DU.
As soon as this has been decided, the following week it shall be considered up and running.

The Aim of the Disciplinary Unit

The aim of this unit is to hold members within the White House accountable for their actions. This will create a better environment for everyone to work in which is beneficial for everyone. It will also ensure that appropriate punishment is dealt swiftly and effectively.

Members of the Disciplinary Unit

Members will have to log every single meeting they hold in the thread attached to the Discipline Section on the forums. Each user will Have to have there OWN log. They shall be logged using a certain format, and replied to with EVERY meeting that they complete.


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