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SS Trial Training Script 7iC+ ONLY

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SS Trial Training Script 7iC+ ONLY

Post by AyeItzAbbeh on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:21 pm

The trial trainers guide/script is for use solely by SS Staff 7iC+ who are supporting 9iC trial trainers to create a forum account, training log and to assist them in finding the training script.
EOP have the power to guide trial trainers throughout this process when/if they are needed to. This script can talked through in the library of the HQ but it is suggested to be done in an office instead.

All text with an asterisks (*) are 7iC trainer notes and are not to be spoken during the walkthrough. Text within (-=) are titles and should also not be spoken during the walkthrough.
When guiding/training, please copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the text line by line into the speech bar.

Remember, if the trial trainer passes when they have been observed by someone else, preferably a higher iC SS trainer, make sure to ask and add them into the WH General group chat and the Secret Service group chat on kik with the suitable introduction. (User: [Their username], Rank: SS Trainer)

-=Creating a Forum Account=-

Hello, and welcome to the SS Branch.

First off, before you start training, you’ll need to have a forum account for your training logs.

You’ll find this forum at ''. Open this now and tell me once you've done this.

*Give them time to open the link before you continue*

Once you have done this, click 'register' in the top right-hand corner.

Click the button labelled 'Agree to these terms', then fill in all of your information.

Make sure to apply with an email you own, as you'll need to confirm your account.

*Again, give them time to complete this*

Next, click 'Log in' in the top right-hand corner and use the information you registered with.

-=Changes to the Training Script=-

To get the training script, first click on the topic titled 'Secret Service.'

Then click on the topic titled 'Scripts' then click 'Training Script(s)' and 'SS Training Script'.

The next 2 steps are optional and you do not have to do these if you do not wish to.

However, I will still tell you them in case you do want to do these.

Highlight and copy the entire training script (Ctrl-C or right click and copy)

And then paste it into a word document or notepad (Ctrl-V or right click and paste)

You’ll need to make additional changes throughout the script such as:

[Name Or Username] Here you’ll insert either your name or username.

[WH] SS Cadet I [Your unique tag] Here you’ll create a tag, maximum 4 characters long.

These changes must be made either in the copied script or during the training session.

-=Creating a Training Log=-

This is how you make a Training Log:

Return to the homepage of the forum and go back on to the 'Secret Service' topic.

Next, open the 'Training Logs' then the 'Training Log Template'.

Highlight the template (grey underlined section) and copy it (Ctrl-C or right-click and copy).

You’ll need this later on.

Go back a page and then go onto the 'SS ONLY Training Logs'.

At the top, click on 'NEWTOPIC' and make the title [Your Name’s Training Logs].

For the bio, paste the template which you copied into here.

You’ll need to press 'send’ which is found at the bottom.

*Allow some time for them to do these steps*

This will be your training log. Once you have trained, you’ll need to fill this out correctly.

To fill this out, find and click on the log with your name/username.

Then click 'POSTREPLY' and copy one of your premade training logs.

From here, you’ll have to change the trainee’s name and score.

You might also have to change the strengths / weaknesses / other comments.

Do you understand all of the sections you need to fill out?

*If 'Yes' skip to explaining the training uniform*

*If 'No' say the section below;*

I’ll now walk you through what each part of the training log is for:

'Trainer’s Username' is your username.

'Trainee’s Username' will be the person you’re training’s username.

'Test Results' are the number of questions answered correctly (Out of 5).

'Pass/Fail' is whether they scored 3-5 or under 3 on the questions.

'Strengths' refers to the good characteristics of the new cadet.

'Weaknesses' refers to weaker areas or characteristics the cadet has.

'Other comments' are anything else you’ve noticed about the cadet.

-=The Training Uniform=-

The final thing you’ll need before you can train is the training uniform.

*If they are a male say to them;*

Please type ':mimic SSTrainingMale' and press enter.

*If they are a female say to them;*

Please type ':mimic SSTrainingFemale' and press enter.

You may edit this uniform somewhat but you can not change;

The headset accessory.

The blazer / jacket style.

The colour of the blazer / jacket.

The belt.

The style of the tie.

The colour of the tie.

Everything else, other than these 6 things, you are allowed to change.

You may also add shoes and an appropriate hat if you wish.

Now, all you need to do is, firstly practice by yourself in a quiet room.

You may ask the DoSS or DDoSS to use their office for this if they are online.

Then, if you feel comfortable enough, an experienced trainer will observe you with a cadet.

Made by iDicks and Edited by AyeItzAbbeh for the Retro White House, 23/12/16.

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