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SS Training Script

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SS Training Script

Post by Forum Founder on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:57 pm

This training script is for use by SS staff 9iC+ only.
With permission from the Commanding Officer, other 7iC+ users in any other branch may train.
EOP have the right to train when/if they are needed to.

All text inside asterisks (*) are trainer notes. These are not to be said during training.
Text within (-=) are titles of sections and should also not be said during training.

When training, please copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the script line by line into the room.
Please try to pace yourself and do not spam the room as this may cause frustration and confusion for the trainee and the trainer.

Remember to use your unique promotional tag at the end of the new Cadet’s motto.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** If the first training room is taken, you must say training2 to open the rope to the second training room. If the second training room is also taken, you must say training3 to open the rope to the third training room.


-=SS Training Script=-

Hello and welcome to the White House.

My name is [Your Name or Username] and I will be your trainer today.

If you need to go AFK/idle for any reason, please tell me.

At the end of this training session, there will be a test, so I suggest you take notes.

If you would like me to slow down, wave by typing: o/

Try this out for me please.

Any questions before we begin?

-=General Information=-

First of all, some information about the White House.

The founders are Baldesarrass, RandomGuy13 and decyboyno1.

The Retro White House, owned by Unreachable, was founded on the 6th of November 2011

The current President of the White House is RandomGuy13 and our Vice President is Hydroxed.

Within the White House we have four branches, three public and one private.

These are Judicial, Senate, Secret Service and the Presidential Cabinet.

If you work hard, you will be interviewed to be in one of the first 3 branches.

Every week we have a general meeting. This meeting takes place at 9:30pm GMT/4:30pm EST.

Please try your best to attend this meeting every week.

Are there any questions before we continue?


Here at the White House, we have six main commands:

1. FTF - Fill The Front. When you are given this command, you take a seat at the front desk.

If someone sits opposite you, greet them with: “Hello, how may I help you?”

If they request a job, ask them to change their motto to: [WH] SS Trainee.

If they request something you are unsure of, such as a transfer, tell a commanding officer.

2. FTB - Fill The Back. When given this command, go to the break room.

3. FTS - Fill The Security. When given this command, go to the Gate Control room and man the gates.

You will be taught how to use the Gate Control shortly.

4. BTB - Back To Base. This command is usually given after a meeting.

Head back to HQ when it is given.

5. CTH - Clear The Halls. When given this command, you must either FTF, FTB or FTS.

6. ATT - Attention. When ATT is given to you, you must follow these steps:

Stand up, face the commanding officer, wave and say 'Sir yes Sir' or Ma'am yes Ma'am'.

Once given the command AE (At Ease), return to what you were doing originally.

If you fail to respond to ATT, you will be warned for either ignoring or being AFK.

If you then fail to respond again to ATT, you will be immediately striked.

When I give the order, I want you to try it out for me.


*If they do the command correctly, say the following:*

Perfect. You may now AE.

*If they forget a step for ATT, correct them and then practice it again until it is perfect*

Are there any questions regarding the commands?


Now for some basic White House rules:

1. Do not ask or fake a promotion.

2. Do not ask for Room Rights.

3. Do not discriminate. (No racism, homophobia, transphobia etc.)

4. Always listen to commands given by a High Rank.

5. No effects / enables or fastwalk within the HQ.

6. A uniform (something smart, i.e - a suit) must be worn at all times whilst  representing us.

7. Do not go AFK at the front desk or at the Gate Control.

8. Do not block the hallways.

9. Do not go into the VIP Room, unless you are 7iC+.

10. Never use continuous capitals.

11. Do not double job (this includes agencies outside of Fresh Hotel).

Are there any questions about the rules?

We will now move on to a 5 question test.

In order to pass, you are required to answer at least 3 of the 5 questions correctly.

Are there any questions before we begin the test?

*If there is more than one trainee in training, ask them to whisper their answers to you*

Q1: Who is our current President and Vice President?

Q2: Name and give the definition of all six commands.

Q3: Name AT LEAST three of the White House Branches.

Q4: Name five of the rules of the White House.

Q5: Name two of the three founders of the White House.

*Whisper the following if there is more than one trainee being trained*

*If the trainee has answered a minimum of 3 questions correctly;*

Congratulations! You have passed. Please make your motto;

[WH] SS Cadet I [Your unique tag]

Take note of my username as you will be asked for this when entering via security.

*If the trainee has answered 3 or more questions incorrectly;*

I’m sorry, you have not passed. Feel free to come back at a different time and try again.

*If they have passed the test, say the following;*

We will now go through the Gate Control. Please follow me.

*Go through the teleporter to the left of the room, remembering to stand on the tile to close the ropes*

-=Gate Control Training=-

This is an imitation of the Gate Control in our HQ.

This room in HQ is where you will be expect to work if you are told to FTS.

Pull the blue lever to open the rope to enter the Gate Control and click it again to close it.

Now take a seat in either of the chairs closest to me.

The levers on the far sides open the blue gates.

The lever in the centre opens the rope at the end of the carpet.

If you are letting a cadet in, ask for their promoter before opening this rope.

The promoter should match with the tag at the end of the cadet’s motto.

If you are letting in an iC rank, you do not need to ask for their promoter.

To begin, open one of the blue gates then open the rope to let me in.

*Go through the gate and rope as the trainee operates it*

This rope will also let VIPs and Veterans into HQ.

*Go back around to one of the blue gates and say;*

Open one of the blue gates.

The red tile behind you will teleport users with the incorrect motto away.

Imagine that I have the incorrect motto on.

Walk over and stand on the red tile until I am teleported away.

*Go through the gate as the trainee operates it*

*Walk up to one of the blue gates again and say;*

Open one of these blue gates again.

The green tile sends users with the motto; '[WH] SS Trainee' into the training room.

Before sending them to the training room, check that their motto is spelt correctly.

Now imagine that I am a trainee.

Walk over and stand on the green tile until I am teleported away.

*Say trainingexit to exit the training room*

Now take a seat in the chair with the two levers.

The lever on the left opens the blue doors to the training room.

It should only be opened when a trainer is going in to train.

*Walk over to the blue doors and say the following;*

Imagine I am a trainer, open these doors to let me inside.

The lever to your right will open the black gate inside the training room.

This will let trainees and trainers enter the training rooms.

After everyone has entered, be sure that both the door and gate are shut.

*Come through the teleporter, walk up to the Gate Control and say the following;*

Congratulations! You have nearly finished your training.

Before we go back to base, you are required to wear a uniform.

Make sure this uniform is smart and formal.

Please design one now.

*Allow them some time to make a uniform*

This outfit should be saved and worn at all times whilst in HQ.

When we arrive back at HQ, I will give you a tour of the base.

Please follow me until I AE you.

*Say 'bufferroom' to enter the elevator. Once in the buffer room, say 'backtobase' to open the gate back to the HQ. Make sure your cadet(s) go into the teleporter before you*

-=Function of Rooms=-

*Enter through the black gate, walk up to the Fired Stickies and say the following;*

These green stickies are the fired stickies. Be sure to check these before letting people inside.

*Walk up to the Front Desk and say the following;*

This is the front desk (FTF) where you will hire new members.

*Walk up to the Gate Control and say the following;*

This is the security (FTS) where you will control which members enter the HQ.

*Stand in the doorway of the VIP Room and say the following;*

This is the VIP Room for 7iC+, Allies, Veterans and VIPs.

Do not come in here until you are given permission.

*Walk up to the yellow and pink stickies near the teleports and say the following;*

This is where the majority of the employee’s stickies are located.

*Stand in the hallway between the Meeting Room and Teleporters and say the following;*

This is where the Veteran lists, and Consultory Veterans list are located.

*Stand in the doorway of the Meeting Room and say the following;*

This is the Meeting Room. It can be used as an extra AFK room but only when the other one is filled.

This is also where the 9iC rank stickies, VIP lists and LoA lists are located.

*Stand in the doorway of the AFK Room and say the following;*

This is the AFK Room for any rank (FTB).

If you need to AFK and are not 7iC+, you are to come in here.

*Stand in the doorway of the Library / Transfer room and say the following;*

This is the Library. This is often where promotions and branch transfers take place.

*Stand anywhere and say the following;*

Thank you for completing training! You may now AE and FTF.

Welcome to the White House!

Edited by AyeItzAbbeh and iDicks for the Retro White House, 18/12/16.

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