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[OLD/OUTDATED]: Code of Conduct

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[OLD/OUTDATED]: Code of Conduct

Post by Forum Founder on Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:16 pm

The Retro White House
Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct must be obeyed in the White House HQ by everyone, as well as in any other White House affiliated rooms. Users who break the rules on this list may be subject to punishments such as strikes, demotions and/or firing.

General Rules (Cadet I-1iC, Advisory Veterans + VIP’s)

Any user within the White House HQ or any affiliated room must not;

Use enables.
Fast Walk.
Harass any user in any shape or form.
Give out the personal details of any person e.g - phone numbers.
Ask for Room Rights.
Block the Hallways.
Disrespect any member of staff.
Threaten and/or Blackmail.
Fake a rank.
Pull a user from their workstation for any reason other than them being AFK or not responding to a Higher Rank’s ATT.
Pull anyone into the Kick Chair who is not as an animal or invisible.
Abuse Room Rights.
Fire any User they are not allowed to fire.
Allow a user to ‘buy’ a White House rank.
Allow any user who is not staff, an AV or a VIP into the White House HQ.
Advertise any other Agency or Hotel.
Use the :sex x command.
Sit or lay in the corridors.
Use the :weed command.
Use the :dropkick x command.

General Staff Rules (Cadet I-1iC)

All staff members within the White House HQ or any affiliated rooms must;

Wear a formal uniform.
Always wear their White House motto.*
Respect all users present.
Work at either FTF and FTS if they are not AFK, unless these stations are full.
FTB when they are AFK.
Stay active within the White House.
Only work at the White House.
Fully fulfill the duties of their Rank.
Only use the Meeting Room as an AFK room if the VIP and AFK rooms are full.

*ranks such as President and Vice President must keep their mottos at all times.

LR Rules (Cadet I-8iC)

Any Low Rank User within the White House HQ or any affiliated room must not;

Disrespect a High Rank
Ignore a High Rank’s orders*
Command any user they are not allowed to command
Promote any user they are not allowed to promote
Fire any user they are not allowed to fire
Go wandering through the White House rooms unattended

*exceptions to this would be 8iC being commanded by a 7iC

HR Rules (7iC-1iC)

Any High Rank User within the White House HQ or any affiliated rooms must not;

Abuse their HR power
Disrespect Low Ranks
Humiliate a Low Rank in any way
Fire any user for no reason
Abuse the VIP room
Ignore their Duties
Go into an office that is not their own without permission

VIP Rules (Includes Vets, Advisory Veterans and Allies)

All VIP’s to the White House must not;

Wander outside of the VIP room unless given permission by EOP
FTF, FTS or train
Attempt to promote, fire or give a rank to any user
ATT any user
Allow their friends into the White House unless they are staff or VIP

Rights Holder Rules

Any user who has Room Rights in the WH HQ or any other affiliated rooms must not;

Kick users for no reason
Facepalm users who can be removed by other means i.e- kicking
Use Override
Move furni without permission from baldesarrass
Add users to ‘KOS’ without a legitimate reason
Allow users into the branch teleporters who are not allowed in there and/or don't have permission
Deface the stickies
Trash the room

Code of Conduct Written by Vice President; TheMightyUnicorn of The Retro White House.
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